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Malmesbury Primary School Brings Out The Best In Everyone

Swimming at Malmesbury

We really enjoy swimming at Malmesbury.  We know being able to swim is a vital lifesaving skill and it is a really fun way of keeping fit.


We swim at Morden Park Pools, which is our local pool.   The Year 3 swim every Thursday every week from September - July.  They have a 30 minute swimming slot.  The first class swim at 1.30pm and the second class swim at 2pm.  


We are hoping to book some water confidence sessions for Year 2 in Summer 2 in preparation for the summer holidays and swimming in Year 3. 


In Summer 2 selected children from Year 6 will receive intensive catch up sessions to help them reach the required 25 metres distance.  These sessions have been very successful in the past few years. 


Children from Year 4, 5 and 6 also enjoy taking part in the Borough Swimming Gala every year, which is organised by Miss Bennett.