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Malmesbury Primary School

Brings out the best in everyone

Malmesbury's Historic Sporting Achievements

smiley LONDON YOUTH GAMES smiley

Overall Winners Floor Exercise Routine

2nd Place Body Management Routine

4th Place Overall - out of the whole of London!!!!!

What an incredible achievement!!


smiley Boys' Borough Kwik Cricket Finals smiley

June 2017

2nd Place Overall, what a fantastic result!!!!

We now go on to represent Merton at the Surrey Finals

smiley Girls Borough Kwik Cricket Finals smiley

June 2017

3rd Place Overall

We now go on to represent Merton at the London Youth Games

smiley Borough Basketball Competition smiley

June 2018

2nd place overall, what an achievement!!!!

smiley Year 5 & 6 Kwik Cricket Morden Clusters smiley

May 2017


We now have qualified for the Borough Finals

smiley Year 5 & 6 Challenge Run smiley

March 2017

Great running by all, well done everyone!!


smiley Year 3 & 4 Challenge Run smiley

March 2017

What a day!!!!


smiley Borough Gymnastics Competition smiley

February 2018 


Phoenix won best boy floor routine

Theo won best body mangement routine and best boy

We will now be representing Merton at the London Youth Games


smiley Borough Sportshall Athletics Competition smiley

January 2018

2nd Place overall and silver medal winners!!!!


smiley Netball Borough Finals smiley

November 2017

5th Place overall, what a fantastic achievement!!!!


smiley Cluster Girl's Football Competition smiley

October 2017

4th Place, we are through to the Borough Finals!!


smiley Cluster Netball Competition smiley

October 2017

2nd Place, we are through to the Borough Finals!!!


smiley London Youth Games smiley

July 2017 Year 5 & 6 Gymnastics Team 

2nd place Body Management 

3rd place Overall

What an incredible achievement, we are proud beyond words!!!

smiley Borough Basketball Competition smiley

June 2017 

Silver Medal Winners!!!

smiley Borough Best Team Kwik Cricket Competition smiley

June 2017 

2nd place, silver medal winners!!!!!


smiley Borough Girls Kwik Cricket Competition smiley

June 2017 

3rd Place, bronze medal winners!!!!!


smiley Borough Year 3 & 4 Gymnastic Competition smiley

February 2017 

Overall Winners!!!!!


smiley Borough Year 5 & 6 Gymnastics Competition smiley

February 2017

Overall Winners

Individual floor, body management and best boy winner!


smiley Borough Sportshall Athletics Competition smiley

January 2017

Overall winners!!!!

All the children have a fantastic gold medal to take home and we have a new trophy for the school!!


smiley Borough Best Team Football Competition smiley

December 2016

Goalkeeper of the tournament!!!

What an achievement

smileysmileysmileyLondon Youth Gamessmileysmileysmiley

year 3\4 and 5\6 Gymnastics 30th June 2016

GOLD Medal Winners for 5\6 Body  Management  and 5th Overall

Cluster Rounders Competition

smileysmileysmileySilver Medal Winnerssmileysmileysmiley

29th June 2016


smileysmileysmileyModen Cluster 5\6 Best Team Kwik Cricket 2nd placesmileysmileysmiley

28th April


smileysmileysmileyYear 3\4 Challenge Runsmileysmileysmiley

Jcan 8th Place

21st April

smileysmileysmileyYear 5\6 Challenge Runsmileysmileysmiley

Ama 8th Place

14th April

smileysmileysmileyYear 3/4 Best Team Football Joint 1stsmileysmileysmiley

13th April


Year 3 and 4 Key Steps 2 Gymnastics Competition

smileysmileysmileyGOLD  Medal Winnerssmileysmileysmiley

26th February 2016

Year 5 and 6 Key Steps 3 Gymnastics Competition

smileysmileysmileyGold Medal Winnerssmileysmileysmiley

5th February 2016


smileySports Hall Athletics Year 5 and 6smiley

Bronze Medalists

22nd January 2016


Year 5 and 6 Tag Rugby Morden Cluster

smileysmiley21st January 2016- 4th place and we qualified for the Borough Finals smileysmiley


smileyYear 5 and 6 Girls Football Borough Finalssmiley

Thursday 26th November 2015 6th place. Well done girls.


smileyYear 5 and 6 Quicksticks Hockey Borough Competitionsmiley

Friday 20th November 2015 3rd place and  Bronze Medallists !





smiley Morden Boys Cluster Football Competition smiley


Wednesday 21st October 2015

4th Place overall, the boys have now qualified for the Borough Finals congratulations!!!




smiley Morden Girls Cluster Football Competition smiley


‚Äč2nd place - Thursday 15th October 2015 


Well done to all the girls who represented the school and came after from the competition undefeated and without conceding a single goal!!!! 






smiley Grand Finals at The Oval smiley


22nd July 2015 - 4th Place Overall and 2 wins


What an achievement, be proud forever boys!!




smiley Athletic Borough Overall and Group Winners!!!!smiley


Thursday 18th June 2015 


What a super team, Malmesbury do it again!!!!!


A great team effort produced a fine win at Wimbledon Athletics Track 





Monday 15th June 2015


Our unbelievably talented cricket team will now go on to represent Merton at the Grand Final held at The Oval!!!!!!!


We will be competing against winning Boroughs from Surrey and Inner and Outer London, WOW!!!!







Thursday 11th June 


A massive congratulations goes to our Year 6 Cricket Team who stormed to victory at the Boroughs, they will now go on to represent Merton at the County Finals!!!! 



smiley Girls Borough Kwik Cricket Competition smiley


Thursday 4th June - 6th Place Overall


Well done to all the girls who were selected to represent the school!!!!





Congratulations to our cricket team who finished in 1st place


Thursday 30th April 2015


What an achievement!!!!



smiley Year 3 & 4 Challenge Runsmiley


 Thursday 23rd April 2015 


Well done to all our super runners that took part!!!!



smiley Year 5 & 6 Challenge Run smiley

Thursday 16th April 

Girls Year 6 Team 4th Place Overall 

Boys Year 6 Team 6th Place Overall 




smiley Cluster Challenge Run Warm Up smiley


Monday 23rd March 

Well done to all the children who were selected to represent the school, you ran your socks off!!!


1st Place - Jcan, Ama, Ameer, Tishian Charlie

2nd Place - Archie, Renee, Phoenix, Thiyaraa, Keeleigh, Ellis

3rd Place - Alfie, Emilis, Gracie-May, Keira



smiley Year 3 & 4 Football Cluster Competition smiley


3rd Place - 19th March 2015


What a fantastic achievement, well done to all the boys who represented Malmesbury you played as an excellent team!!





smiley Malmesbury Netball Team smiley


Borough Finals, 6th March - 12th Place overall


no Well done to all the chldren who were selected to represent the school no



 smiley Year 3 & 4 Borough Gymnastic Winnerssmiley


27th February 2015


A massive congratulations goes to our very flexible team!!! 


They will now be representing Merton at the London Youth Games in July, YEAH!!




smiley Tag Rugby Borough Finals smiley


9th place overall, well done Malmesbury!!


12th February 2015







What a fantastic achievement Malmesbury


6th February 2015





smiley Year 5 & 6 Borough Gymnastics Competitionsmiley


no WINNERS!!!! no


Look at our brilliant new trophy, we will now be representing Merton at the London Youth Games.


Congratulations to all of our wonderful and very flexible gymnastics team



 smiley Borough Sportshall Athletic Winners smiley


1st Place, 23rd January 2015!!!!


What a great win and fabulous team effort



smiley Year 5 & 6 Tag Rugby Clusters smiley


2nd place -  15th January 2015


WHAT A TEAM!!!  We have now qualified for the Borough Finals




smiley B and C Team Football Competition smiley


19th November


4th and 5th Place Overall, well done to all the children who were chosen to represent the school!!!



smiley Year 5 & 6 Boys Morden Football Clusters smiley


4th Place - 23rd October 2014


Congratulations boys we are now through to the Football Borough Finals!!!!


smiley Year 5 & 6 Girls Cluster Football Competitionsmiley


3rd Place - 9th October 2014


We have now qualified for the Girls Borough Finals on 27th November, well done girls you

were just fabulous!!!!


smiley Borough Athletics smiley


Group WINNERS - 19th June


What a team, well done to all our Malmesbury Athletic Superstars!!!!!


Look at our shiny, new, golden trophy!!!!



smiley Boys Borough Kwik Cricket Bronze Medalists smiley


12th June


A massive achievement, a big well done to all the boys!!!


smileyGirls Kwik Cricket Borough Finals - Bronze Medalists - YIPPEE!!!!!smiley


5th June 2014


Well done to all the girls; Tia, Morgan, Sharmee, Keira, Qushaf, Eliza, Gracie, Emily, Manahal and Abi.




smiley3rd Place - Bronze Medalistssmiley


3v3 Basketball Merton Borough Competition - 3rd June 2014


Our team superstars include; Ben, Jaiden, Nikola, Sharmee, Qushaf and Eliza

We are very happy even though it was raining all day!!!



smileyCluster Kwik Cricket Winnerssmiley


20th May 2014


Well done to all the boys; Amirthan, Kai, Tim, Jimmy, Risis, Vivekan, Race, Dan, Imaad and Suban





14th May 2014


Well done to Linda, Karim, Shivanjaly and Riley



smiley Challenge Run Year 5 & 6 Superstars smiley


24th April 2014 - top ten places for Dan, Tia and Renee



smiley Year 3 & 4 Football Clusters 20th March 2014 - 4th Place smiley


Congratulations to all the boys who took part



smiley Quick Sticks Borough Silver Medalists - 14th March 2014 smiley




A big well done to Morgan, Tia, Emily, Imaad, Kai and Tim

smiley High 5 Borough Netball - Bronze Medalists!!smiley


7th March 2014


Big congratulations to all the team;  Sharmee, Morgan, Tia, Qushaf, Keeleigh, Kai and Ben



smileyBorough Year 3 & 4 Gymnastic Winners - 28th February smiley


 A fantastic effort by the whole team; Louis, Charlie, Rahul, Leyla, Lilyana and Stevey


They will now be going on to represent Merton at the London Youth Games!!!



smiley Tag Rugby Borough Bronze medalists - 13th February 2014 smiley


Highest position by a Malmesbury Tag Rugby Team in the Boroughs


A massive well done to all the team; Sharmee, Morgan, Tia, Emily, Imaad, Tim, Dan, Kai, Charlie and Jaiden

smiley High 5 Cluster Winnerssmiley


6th February 2014


 A big well done to all the team; Ben, Kai, Keeleigh, Qushaf, Tia, Morgan and Sharmee!!!



smiley Borough Boccia Competition smiley


31st January - 4th and 6th Place


Well done to all the team; Harry, Tia, Georgina, Carlton, Niran and Rithanya



smiley Borough Year 5 & 6 Sportshall Athletics WINNERS!!!! smiley


24th January 2014


What a marvelous achievement for our athletics team



 smiley Cluster Tag Rugby League Winners smiley


2nd Overall - 16th January


Well done to our fabulous team!!!



smiley Girls Football Borough Finals smiley


28th November 2013 - 5th Place Overall


Well done to all the team




smiley Morden Cluster Boys Football Competitionsmiley


24th October 2013 - 8th Place Overall 


Well Done to all the boys who showed great sposrtmanship



 smiley Girls Cluster Football Competition - 1st Place smiley




What a team of superstars!!!