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Malmesbury Primary School

Brings out the best in everyone

Sporting Achievements 2023/24

Year 5 & 6 Football Festival


We scored some great goals, showed fantastic respect throughout the day and had so much fun!!


March 2024


Year 5 & 6 NFL Flag Football Borough Competition


4th Place Overall

What a brilliant day we had with some incredible wins, including a 32-0 victory!   


March 2024

Year 5 & 6 Borough Basketball Competition




We won 6 games out of 7!!!


A huge congratulations goes to our magnificent team.  You were all AMAZING!



March 2024

Year 3 – 6 Gymnastics Development Competition


6 children were awarded SILVER level certificates for their achievements on the day and 2 children were awarded GOLD level certificates. 


It was so much FUN!!


February 2024

Year 5 & 6 Best Team Development Football Competition


A great day out was had by all.  Well done Team Malmesbury!


February 2024




Year 5 & 6 Borough Netball Competition


5th Place Overall

Such a brilliant day out and our team recorded some fantastic results along the way, we are so proud of you all!


February 2024




Year 3 & 4 Merton Borough Rise Gymnastics Competition 


Both girls joint overall individual winners 

Boys 2nd and 3rd place individual boys winners 

The children won an incredible 18 medals across the competition.  What an absolutely INCREDIBLE achievement! 




Year 5 & 6 Rise Gymnastics Championships 

TEAM - 2nd place overall 

Boys - Working Together Routine - GOLD MEDALLISTS 

Girls - Working Together Routine - SILVER MEDALLISTS 

Both - Joint bronze medallists overall boy

An amazing day and what incredible results for Team Malmesbury 

January 2024

Year 6 Boccia Festival 

Do you like our pyramid? 

January 2024 



Year 3 & 4 Football Festival 

We had such a fun afternoon out! 

January 2024

Year 5 & 6 Borough Sportshall Athletics Competition 


December 2023 

Year 5 & 6 Girls Football Borough Championships 

Results; 1 win, 5 draws, 3 loses.  It was a fantastic day out!!

December 2023 

Best Team Football Borough Championships 

Results; 3 wins, 2 draws, 2 loses and a great day out! 

November 2023 

Year 3 and 4 Dodgeball Festival 

We had so much fun and won so many games! 

November 2023