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Malmesbury Primary School

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International Links

Malmesbury has gained re-accreditation of the prestigious International School Award through our strong links with our partner schools abroad, noting that "The international dimension is clearly embedded in your school's curriculum and whole-school ethos, dovetailing neatly with other priorities and programmes." and that "communicating with their peers in your French partner school was particularly significant for your pupils as they were able to develop international friendship and empathy". They also remarked that  "Your pupils are learning about other countries and aspects of their culture and language. They are developing global citizenship skills and attributes as well as an appreciation for cultural diversity".


We are very privileged to have been awarded two British Council grants to visit Opoku Ware School in Kumasi, Ghana and have strong links with the Collège La Salle in Amiens in the North of France, with whom we correspond regularly in both French and English, and with Pettenkofer Grundschule in Berlin.


Nos amis en France


In Year 5, we have a partnership with a school in Amiens in the North of France. We correspond with each other about once every half term and love to hear each other's news. As our next project together, we're going to film our school and tell them about our local area. We've noticed that their hand-writing is very different and they don't have to wear school uniform, but they like the same things that we like (football, other sports, video games...) and we've loved making new friends.



Unsere Freunde in Deutschland


This year, we started up a new partnership in Berlin. In the autumn term of Year 6, we learn about the two world wars, so it's been really interesting to make friends with children in Berlin in 2023 and to find out how much it's changed. Here are some of our introductory letters.




Our friends in Ghana


A Visit from Angelina, the Head-teacher and Thomas, a Year 6 teacher. Take a look at the 'Our Friends in Ghana' page for more pictures and information.



On our first visit to Ghana, we took some footballs and bibs with us as a gift to our Ghanaian friends, which the children at Malmesbury had saved up for. Here are some photos of an inter-form football competition; it's great to see they're being put to good use!