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Malmesbury Primary School Brings Out The Best In Everyone

Children's Council


We value the thoughts, ideas and opinions of all our children, and so we have recently introduced ‘Children’s Council’ to Malmesbury Primary School.  In place of the School Council, with two representatives from each class, all children from Year 1 to Year 6 meet together in vertical groups of thirty children. The Year 6 children lead a discussion on an agreed subject, taking notes and recording the thoughts and ideas of the group. Teachers attend, but do not take an active part in the discussion.


So far, since the introduction of the Children’s Council, we have been looking at safety around the school, improving learning through trips and visits, and rules for helping everyone to make good choices in the dining room and in the playground.

Because the children said they could not easily see the lunchtime support staff and play leaders, we have introduced high visibility jackets. Everyone is now quickly able to find an adult if they need some help. We also now have first aid bags outside, so that very minor injuries can be quickly dealt with.


Our children love school, and are keen to take part in discussions that make a difference to the way we do things. They enjoy meeting together, and enjoy working with others across the age groups to discuss issues and to improve our school. Teachers love Children’s Council too! It’s a great way of getting to know children in other year groups.