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Malmesbury Primary School

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Food in School

Current School Meal Menu

We encourage all our children to have a school meal and we can cater for special dietary needs. 


Following an announcement by the Mayor of London, all primary school children who attend state schools in London will receive Free School Meals for the full academic year, starting in September 2023. This does not include nursery, for whom school meals will cost £2.60.


Children in Reception to Year 6 will automatically be eligible for free school meals so you do not need to apply.


However, your child may still be eligible for extra funding from the Government which may entitle you to other benefits such as food vouchers and clubs during the holidays. If you would like us to check whether your child is eligible please bring your date of birth and National Insurance Number to the school office and we can check for you or you can click here to check for yourself. 


Malmesbury's Food Policy can be found here


Halal School Meals

We are able to offer pupils halal school meals which will mirror the current menu as much as possible. If you wish your child to have a halal school meal please click on the following link to complete and submit for the Google form:


Halal school meals form


Please note that it will take a minimum of two weeks for your child to start receiving the halal option as this will need to be ordered through our caterers. In addition, once your child is receiving the halal option, no other lunch option may be available without a minimum of two weeks notice to the school office. 


Packed Lunches

We believe that a school meal is the best option for you and your child as it makes getting ready for school easier and is a healthy and balanced meal. However, we understand that some children prefer a packed lunch and our key messages are:

  • Try not to pack too much

  • Pack foods that will help afternoon learning

  • Only include one treat or sugary item

  • We do not allow fizzy or energy drinks

  • We aim to be a nut-free school so please ensure you do not pack any nuts or nut-based products

  • Click here for NHS Packed lunch recipes or BBC Good Food Packed lunch ideas


Children in Key Stage 2 are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to eat at break. They can bring in fruit, vegetables, crackers, breadsticks or any other healthy option they will enjoy. We do not recommend that children bring in snacks that are very high in sugar, salt or fat (such as crisps, chocolate or pastry items) as they do not promote good learning skills. We do not allow children to bring in items containing nuts as we aim to be a nut-free school.


As children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 benefit from the free Fruit and Vegetables Scheme, they will be encouraged to eat a piece of fruit as part of their daily break time and do not not need to bring in their own snack.

Paying for School Meals (Nursery only)

Parents can make secure payments online using ParentPay. You will have a secure online account, activated using a unique username and password. School will give you these details and you will be prompted to change these and to keep them safe and secure. 

You can also pay by debit or credit card at the school office.