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Malmesbury Primary School Brings Out The Best In Everyone


Welcome to Malmesbury Primary School


From the Headteacher, Mrs K Sheridan


Welcome to Malmesbury Primary School. I hope that as you look at our website you will enjoy finding out about our school and seeing the work that we do together as a school community.


If you are looking for a school for your child, I hope that you will also visit us. We welcome visitors to the school so you can enjoy seeing the achievements of all our children. We are proud to be an inclusive school.


Malmesbury is a special place where children enjoy learning and playing together – staff, parents and especially our children tell us so! What makes the school special? We have great facilities, including a well-maintained building with specialist rooms for teaching whole classes and small groups, a modern library that is open to parents, carers and children after school, a well-equipped Early Years base and extensive grounds for sport and play…


But we have much, much more than that! We have an exciting and engaging curriculum, based around language-rich texts, and quality teaching which enables all children to enjoy learning and make good progress. Our specialist teachers provide high quality lessons in French, Music and PE; supporting our strong and successful musical and sporting traditions, with participation and success in competitions at local, Borough, and London-wide events, and our participation in national language challenges. We provide support and challenge for all so that we live up to our school ethos that Malmesbury ‘brings out the best in everyone’.


Our Children’s Council, led by our Year 6 children, allows every child in the school to have a voice which is respected and valued. We are valued participants in the national Shakespeare Schools Festival, and perform at professional theatres each year. We also take part in Enabling Enterprise, building the skills of team working, problem solving and leadership. This includes visits to businesses across London which allow children to learn about the world of work and start to think about their own aspirations for the future.


I hope this snapshot of our school, which is a very special place where children enjoy learning and playing together, makes you want to find out more! You are very welcome to visit us and explore all that Malmesbury can offer to you and your children.


I look forward to welcoming you to Malmesbury!


Telephone: 020 8648 3561   Email: school@malmesbury.merton.sch.uk