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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Thanks for visiting our webpage. Here you can enjoy exploring some of  our learning and discover what we are doing in the Summer term.

Home Learning

Home Learning can be found on the Home Learning page. Go to 'Children' and then click on 'Home Learning'. Scroll down to see the current Year 5 work.


Alternatively click on this link: https://www.malmesbury.merton.sch.uk/home-learning/ 

Summer Term


Our new topic is 'Africa' and we can not wait to discover more about this fascinating continent. We shall be reading Journey to Jo'berg and basing our own writing on this and a short film called 'Zahra'. Exploring the different landscapes, plants and animals of this incredible country will aid our understanding of the texts.

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Spring Term

We were excited to carry on with our learning and working on our topic 'Survival' did not disappoint. We found out about expeditions to Antarctica, developed our navigation skills around our local area using a compass, created art work in the style on Banksy and learnt a lot about fractions. On the lead up to Easter we travelled back in time to find out how people survived Victorian England and how the past has impacted our lives today. Much of our work was based around Street Child by Berlie Doherty.

Year 5 loved learning about Out of this world during the Autumn Term.

Highlights of the term included:

  • fun creating sculptures from wire in the style of Alexander Calder
  • conducting experiments to gain an understanding of the earth’s rotation
  • finding out how large space is
  • performing poetry by Grace Nichols
  • seeing the London Philharmonic orchestra perform Leon and the Place Between
  • reading Cosmic.



Here you can see some of our highlights:

Below are the classes favourite links from last term. Carry on learning about Space and magic by following the links below:

What are Larch and Rowan named after?


How to identify a Larch tree

  • Larch trees are conifers.
  • In spring, the leaves of a larch tree are a bright green colour but in autumn they turn golden yellow.
  • They have clusters or 'tufts' of short needles on its twiggy branches.
  • They have upright cones.


How to identify a Rowan tree

  • The leaves grow on alternate pairs on the twig.
  • Rowan trees generally only grow to around 10 metres tall.
  • A rowan tree has berries which ripen to a red colour.
  • The bark is smooth, shiny and grey.