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Update for 1st June

Dear Parent/Carer,


Following the government’s decision to allow children in nursery, reception, year 1 and year 6 to return to school in the week beginning 1st June, I am writing to share further information and the plans the school has in place.


Firstly, we will be sending home another learning pack for ALL children at some point during the week beginning 1st June as well as updating our on-line learning provision. We will also update parents on the return to school of years 2, 3, 4 and 5 as soon as we have further information.


If you have a child/children in nursery, reception, year 1, year 6, or a child/children that have attended school during the lockdown period, you would have recently confirmed whether or not your child will be attending school in the week beginning 1st June. In order to assist in our planning, we are asking that these decisions are honoured for the entire week. From 1st June we will only be accepting children whose parents have confirmed places. If your child is not attending in the week beginning 1st June, but you would like them to attend from Monday in subsequent weeks, you will need to inform school by 3pm on the Wednesday before you wish them to start.


We acknowledge and understand that there may be different reasons for your child not attending school even though they are eligible. The government has also recognised this and there will be no fines for non-attendance.


In line with government guidance the following protective measures will be in place from 1st June.

  • Children will wash hands on a regular basis (yr 6 are welcome to bring their own hand wash and tissues).
  • Class sizes will be no larger than 15 children with limited contact with other classes.
  • There will be staggered drop-off and collection times (see below).
  • There will be restricted numbers of parents/carers allowed on school premises (drop off and pick up) and NO parents/carers allowed inside the school building.
  • A timetable of regular cleaning will be established throughout the day.
  • School will initially be closed on Fridays (to allow cleaning etc.)


Additionally, we insist that no children displaying symptoms of Covid 19, or children who have had contact with anybody displaying symptoms, are brought to school without completing the required period of isolation


Whilst we hope to make the children’s return to school as smooth as possible, the current situation means that there have been substantial changes since school closed back in March. Parent/Carers of children in nursery, reception, yr1, yr 6 or those that attended school during the lockdown, need to acknowledge;

  • Their child may not be working with their normal classmates.
  • Their child may not be in their normal classroom.
  • Their child may not be with their normal teacher.
  • Their child will not be working to their normal timetable.
  •  Parents may not be able to use the school gate they normally use for drop off and pick up and will be expected to maintain social distancing at these times (see below).
  • Drop off and pick up times have changed (see below).
  • Children are not permitted to bring toys/balls etc to school, or any other items that would usually be shared with other children.
  • Children will be eating lunch in their classrooms.
  • Any child that cannot comply with the changes or follow adult instructions instantly, will not be permitted in school.
  • ALL the information in this letter is subject to change and will be reviewed on a daily basis.


Parent/Carers also need to acknowledge that whilst we will do everything in our power to adhere to the government guidelines on social distancing, maintaining this guidance with young children 100% of the time is impossible. Additionally, the guidance maintains that no child or adult in school will be wearing PPE (mask/gloves etc.) unless a child or member of staff demonstrates symptoms of Covid 19, at which point the school’s provision of PPE will be used and the procedures for dealing with such an incident applied.


If you will be travelling to school using public transport, please read the following guidance -


In line with government guidance we ask that school uniforms be washed daily. We do however acknowledge that this may be extremely difficult.


Finally, during this initial period there will be no extra-curricular clubs, Breakfast Club or after school provision.


Please rest assured that our first priority will always be the health and safety of everyone in our school community and we appreciate your on-going support and trust in these difficult times.



Monday 1st June - Year 6 and children who have attended during lockdown.

Tuesday 2nd June – Monday starters + year 1

Wednesday 3rd June – Monday & Tuesday starters + nursery & reception.

Thursday 4th June – All eligible children

Friday 5th June – SCHOOL CLOSED


Drop Off

In order to maximise social distancing between parents, children may arrive at school at any time between 8.30-9.00am

EYFS  - parents to enter via Newminster Road children’s centre gates and deliver children into the playground. Nursery afternoon drop off via Malmesbury Road as usual.

Nursery 12.30pm drop off via Malmesbury Road as usual.

All other children – to enter via Malmesbury Road gate and enter school through the door by the library. Staff will be available to collect phones and dinner money. We ask parents not to enter the playground at this time.

Pick Up

 In order to maximise social distancing between parents, children may be picked up from school at any time between 2.45 – 3.00pm

EYFS  - parents to enter via Newminster Road Children’s Centre gates and collect the children before leaving through the same gate.

Nursery 11.30am pick up up via Malmesbury Road as usual.

All other children – Parents can enter school via Malmesbury Road gate and walk through KS1 playground to pick up their children. We ask that they then exit through the pedestrian gate in Newminister Road – this will allow a one-way movement of parents/children and maximise social distancing.

We ask that parents/carers do not congregate or remain at any school gate during drop off or pick up.

Should you have any questions about any of the information outlined above please do hesitate to contact school on 0208648 3561 or via e-mail at