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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Oak & Ash



Happy Monday Peeps!

21 days after receiving our eggs and incubators, our chicks are hatching! We couldn't be more excited! The eggs in Ash class must be super comfy as our chicks are a bit slower to hatch than the ones in Oak class but we have just seen our first, not particularly fluffy friend, arrive! We are hoping that her chirping will encourage the others to come out and play. Oak class currently have 6 balls of fluff who are entertaining the children!

World Travellers

As part of our geography work this half term, we are learning about the continents. To aid our understanding, we have sent paper dolls to different countries around the world! We are anxiously awaiting photographs and emails to show us what our dolls have been up to and to learn more about the places they have gone. Our teachers are hoping this project inspires us to become keen explorers of different locations when we are older!

We received news of our first travellers on Monday 8th May. Two of us arrived safely in Tampa, Florida and had an INCREDIBLE weekend, visiting Disney, meeting Mickey Mouse, keeping well away from alligators and chilling out beside the pool!

Spring Chickens

Both year 2 classes are currently incubating eggs! We cannot wait for them to begin hatching on or around 15th May.

Alice, from Deen City Farm, visited us with her favourite hen, Henrietta, to teach us how to look after the eggs and care for the chicks upon hatching. We have to be careful around the incubator and make sure we keep it at an exact temperature.

We will soon be thinking of names for the chicks and we will introduce them to you once we meet them!

Picture 1
Picture 2

The Great Fire of Malmesbury

Children in Ash and Oak have finished their learning about the Great Fire of London. We enjoyed building houses earlier in the term but we loved setting them alight! The wind made it difficult to start the fire at first but helped to spread the flames quickly from one house to the next. Our teachers were on hand with buckets of water and made sure that we were sitting well away from the fire with the wind behind us. As the fire burned, we sang 'London's Burning.' Children in the nursery also came along to watch. Many of us had never been near a fire so was a great opportunity for us all to learn more about the science of fire and keeping safe.

The Great Fire of London

Children in Ash and Oak have been very interested in this incredible historical event. We read a book called The Great Fire of London and are now full of knowledge! With the help of year 6, we made 3D models of houses and other buildings from this period in history and look forward to setting them alight towards the end of term, learning more about how quickly fire can spread and what to do to keep safe. Watch out for more photos!

Science Day!

Spring is in the Air!

We hope you had a lovely half-term break. We are excited to be back to school and continue with our topic In the City. We hope the children are excited and motivated by their new home-learning tasks. We look forward to seeing projects every week! Please remember to write your child's daily reading in his or her diary.

Children need to make sure they bring in their Home School Diary every day. Home School Diaries should be used to keep a record of all reading done at home and Home Learning. Any communication between home and school can also be done in this diary.


Miss S Underwood, Miss Rivaldi & Miss Gunderson 

The children loved taking part in our 2016 nativity 'Baubles'

After reading 'Where the Wild Things Are', we had our own 'wild rumpus'!

We have read lots of fun books in Year 2. Have a look at some below...maybe you can find some books in the library by the same author!

Beegu is sad and lonely on Earth, so we made her some friends!

Maths Ideas for Parents to do with their Children

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