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Malmesbury Primary School Brings Out The Best In Everyone

Who's Who

Come and meet our staff

Headteacher Mrs K Sheridan
Deputy Headteacher Miss L Rivaldi


Teaching Staff  
Foundation Stage  
Nursery Mrs E Siwik
Reception - Birch class Miss J Wallerson
Reception - Maple class Mr P O'Donoghue (Assistant Headteacher for Early Years)              
Key Stage 1  
Year 1 - Elm class Miss A Aldrich
Year 1 - Willow class Mrs J Lord
Year 2 - Ash class Mrs I Dolan
Year 2 - Oak class Miss S Underwood (Phase Leader)
Lower Key Stage 2  
Year 3 - Chestnut class

Miss K Sopp

Year 3 - Sycamore class Miss M Dziewguc
Year 4 - Cedar class Miss J Gibson (Assistant Headteacher for Maths)
Year 4 - Pine class Mrs A Davis (Phase Leader)
Upper Key Stage 2  
Year 5 - Larch class Miss H Jordan
Year 5 - Rowan class Mr S Conroy (SENCo)
Year 6 - Juniper class Miss K Norman
Year 6 - Redwood class Miss A Clarke (Phase Leader)


Specialist Teachers

Ms K Bennett (PE), Miss M Cavanagh (Assistant Headteacher for English & Reading Recovery), Mrs E Fesnoux (MFL), Mrs V Fox (Numbers Count),  Miss C Williams (Music), Mrs G Orsmond (Maths)  and Miss K Gunderson (PPA)

1st Class Every Child Reader Every Child Counts International Award Merton School Award Numbers Count Enabling Enterprise ISA Marks