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Shakespeare Schools Festival


We’re back!

Huge congratulations to the cast of 2017. This year we will be putting together a performance of one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy’s … Julius Caesar!




Shakespeare Schools Festival Launch 2017


The cast of 2017 were invited to the Shakespeare Schools Festival launch at Piccadilly Circus. This was a HUGE honour as we were the only Primary School asked to participate in this event!


The CEO of Shakespeare Schools Festival, Ruth Brock, described our performance as, “confident and inspiring” with a “striking ensemble.” Many teachers and families of the cast attended the launch and were all extremely proud. Have a look at some of the photos taken on the day below.
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Picture 2
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Picture 4

Take a peek at some of the photos from our first rehearsal…can you guess what is happening  in each? 

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What is SSF?


Shakespeare Schools Festival is the UK's largest youth drama festival, offering students from all backgrounds the opportunity to perform Shakespeare on their local professional stage. If you would like to find out more, please visit their website at:





Our Play


“Fate, Dear brutus, lies not with the stars but within ourselves.”


This year we are attempting something completely new to us in Shakespeare Schools Festival! We will be putting together a performance of 'Julius Caesar' - a play that will have us re-live battles of power with manipulation and friendship at its core. We can't wait to get stuck in!


Previous performances

“An outstanding performance!” – Lee Mack




Can you believe it? Out of ALL the schools who take part in Shakespeare Schools Festival - which is a lot! - Malmesbury were chosen to take part in a West End production of ‘The Trial of Hamlet.’


7 children from the cast of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ represented the school at the Wyndham’s theatre on Sunday 27th November.


In the play, Hamlet was on trial for the murder of Polonius. It was an improvised performance – meaning lots of the actors were making it up as they went along!


In the end, the audience had to decide whether Hamlet was GUILTY or INNOCENT of the crime. Find out what the decision was by clicking on the link below to The Evening Mail's article on the production. 




The children performed a ‘flashback scene’ where Hamlet put on a play to try and see if King Claudius was guilty of murdering his own brother! 





We met the children at 11.30am outside Morden Station and eagerly made our way to the theatre in Leicester Square. We had a very busy morning/afternoon with some rehearsal time on stage including a full technical run through with the professional actors – we were joined on stage by Lee Mack, John Heffernan, Meera Syal, Hugh Dennis and Tom Conti. Alongside the professional actors was an admirable line up of REAL judges and lawyers, including: Lady Justice Hallett (Judge) John Kelsey-Fry QC, Jonathan Laidlaw QC, Shaheed Fatima QC and Ian Winter QC.



In the evening we were treated to a delicious dinner (thank you Papa John!) and a meet and greet with some of the celebrities who were taking part in the performance.




The children were PHENOMONAL! They absolutely stole the show with their comical sketch; they showed off their exceptional acting skills and had the whole audience (over 700 people!) in stitches. The actors were all thoroughly impressed with the children, and the judge and lawyers were keen to compliment the confidence of the cast. We are so, so proud of everyone, as are Mrs Bonner, Miss Cavanagh and Miss Gibson who came to watch the children in action. Well done to all involved! 







"I want to do it all over again!"


What we have to say: 

On Thursday 17th November the cast of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' performed at Stanley Halls in front of a jam-packed audience. All of their hard work and dedication paid off as they put on a standout show! The children have worked incredibly hard over the past couple of weeks and should be immensely proud of themselves - the production was truly exceptional. Well done to everyone who made this year's Shakespeare Schools Festival another huge success!



What they have to say:


'I wish there was another Shakespeare play this year!'


'I hope my secondary school does Shakespeare Schools Festival.'

Cast Workshop

On Thursday 29th September, the cast of Shakespeare Schools Festival travelled to Stanley Halls in Norwood to take part in a cast workshop. We were joined by the cast from another school, with who we spent the morning taking part in lots of different activities. Some helped us to practise our vocal technique, and others helped us to experiment with different body movements and shapes. We watched the other cast perform a scene from their play (also ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream!) and then we performed for them. We were lucky enough to do these performances on the ACTUAL stage that we will be performing on in November! The workshop have given us lots of ideas for our performance and we can’t wait to get stuck into our rehearsals!



Can you guess what we are trying to create?

Still image for this video




You’re going to want to read this…


The organisers at Shakespeare Schools Festival were incredibly impressed with Malmesbury’s performance of ‘The Tempest'. So much so, that they have written us a formal congratulations telling us everything that they loved! If you took part last year, are taking part this year OR are thinking about taking part next time, have a read and see what we got up to! 

Appraisal for The Tempest 2015



EXTRA EXTRA...We're  in the paper! Some important people at The Telegraph decided that they would LOVE to do a newspaper article on Shakespeare Schools Festival and Malmesbury were put forward for the job! We feel extremely proud... Click on the link to read the article! 


The Tempest 2015


Have a look through some of the photographs from our performance of ‘The Tempest’ last year. You can admire our brilliant costumes (thank you costume club!) and guess who each of the characters are. Rather than using props, we made lots of different and interesting shapes with our bodies to represent different things in the forest. Can you guess what we are?

Previous Plays


 “The course of true love never did run smooth.”


In 2016, the children put on a performance of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.' The play was filled with mischief, magic and mayhem...and of course a little sprinkling of love! Our cast had us on the edge of our seats and doubled up with laughter as we pieced together one of Shakespeare's classic plays. 


“We are such stuff as dreams are made on.”


In 2015 Children from Year 4, 5 and 6 performed one of Shakespeare's last written plays, 'The Tempest'. With a comical mix of betrayal, magic and mayhem, the children working incredibly hard to put on a performance of a lifetime! 



“My only love, sprung from my only hate".


In 2014, children from Year 4 and 5 performed one of Shakespeare's most well known plays, 'Romeo and Juliet'. The children worked together to create a variety of atmospheres on the stage, ranging from love to hate and trust to betrayal. All of the children should be extremely proud of themselves for putting on such an incredibly emotive performance!


Hall of fame!

'The Tempest' cast 2015

1st Class Every Child Reader Every Child Counts International Award Merton School Award Numbers Count Enabling Enterprise ISA Marks