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Our Garden

Help From the Heat Wave

The garden has been loving the warm weather and the gardeners have been loving getting wet whilst watering this week! We have harvested our first lot of radishes, which were enjoyed in school dinners, as well as the onions and garlic. We have lettuce that will be ready to eat next week and the carrots and beetroot are growing like crazy at the moment. The hot weather has also helped our pumpkin seeds germinate and the squash plants are going to be massive! The bees have also been loving the garden this week. The poppies are in full bloom so there has been a lot of buzzing around. We are delighted that our Forget-Me-Nots have started to bloom and should be incredibly beautiful next week!  

Spring Planting

We received a delivery of topsoil so have been very busy topping up the beds, preparing them for planting. We have done lots of weeding recently as our beds were rather neglected during the cold winter.

Children are looking forward to planting a variety of squash plants, courgettes, potatoes, carrots, beetroot as well as a salad garden. Hopefully May will bring some warmer weather for our seeds to germinate and our garden to grow!

Our First Sale of the Year

Our first sale of the year was a great success! We harvested chard, thyme, mint, parsley and rhubarb. The rhubarb was sold in 500g packs and included a recipe for rhubarb crumble. Mrs Fox's husband followed the recipe and the entire family reported that it was delicious! Everything sold and we made £35. That money has been used to buy some new garden tools and seeds which we will be planting in the next few weeks. We are planning a sale in a few weeks where we will be selling more of what we sold last time as well as tomato plants for 50p!  

Spring is in the Air

All the bulbs we planted in the spring have grown into lovely flowers! The hyacinths smell sensational and the tulips and daffodils have injected some much needed colour into the garden. We cut the blooms on the final day of term and sold 6 bunches to some lucky teachers! We are excited to plant some more flowers and seeds when we return to school in mid April in order to attract loads of bees and other good insects to the garden.

Autumn Cleaning

Our garden grew wild over the summer holidays, leaving a few lonely vegetable plants and loads of ferocious weeds! We spent the first few weeks pulling weeds and clearing the beds ready for planting of our winter vegetables.

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