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Junior Language Competition

JLC is a national language-learning competition organised by Eurotalk, with proceeds going to fund education in Malawi. This year the first round language is Spanish and will come to a close at the middle of June, so if you'd like to be involved, please let Mme Fesnoux know. To those of you already registered, buena suerte and have fun!

A la maison

Once again, we have entered the Kingston and Merton Primary Languages group language competition. Year 6 have been writing their adaptations based on the surrealist poem Dans Paris... by Paul Eluard. Here is a selection of their poems. Congratulations To Aiza and Mekavi, who won Best Story category with their poem, Dans New York.

Picture 1
Picture 2
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Picture 5

 Cruise Day for European Day of Languages - September 2017

This year, to celebrate the European Day of Languages, we turned the school into a cruise ship. The children made a passport and brought in a small case with essentials for travel. They went though passport control and security before embarking the cruise ship. Each year group 'sailed' to a different destination and found out lots of information about the country they were visiting, as well as learning some phrases in the language and doing lots of fun activities based around the culture of their chosen country. Each year group learned a song and got to dance in the Malmesbury Cruise ship ballroom, before arriving back to their home port. Here are some photos of the day.

Cruise Day - September 2017

Parlez-vous français?

In July, Year 5 were very excited to be speaking to their French pen-pals via Skype. Our children prepared a few sentences in French and our pen-pals spoke in English. It was sometimes a bit difficult to understand, but it was nice to see each other. Find out more about our pen-pals on our 'International Links' page.



Voyage dans l'espace

Click the star to hear our children talking about space in their home language.

Kingston & Merton run a language competition and last year it was on the theme of Outer Space. 

Here are some of our entries, including our winning entry in the 'Model' category, from Sutapi. Congratulations, Sutapi, and well done to all of you who took part.


Sutapi's German Space poem and model


Melanie - Bulgarian                          Muna - Somali                                      Janani - Tamil

        Urdu:              Elaaf and Aiman                           Laiba, Ghazala, Maida & Fatima           Aminah

Backpacking Day - September 2015

For the European Day of Languages last year, we celebrated the home languages spoken by the children at Malmesbury by touring the globe, visiting different ‘countries’ that are important to the families in our school.

Parents joined us as we visited Brazil, Bulgaria, Ghana and Sri Lanka and were instrumental in planning and preparing authentic activities from the different places. How lucky we are to have so many different cultures and languages here at Malmesbury!