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Enabling Enterprise

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We are an Enabling Enterprise partnership school. We hve worked in partnership with Enabling enterprise for 4 years and continue to develop the enterprise skills and experiences of work and aspirations to succeed for all of our children!


Enterprise Skills are communicated widely with children so that they can identify their own progress in each skill:

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Aspirational Trips!

Some Year Five children went to Societe Generale and experienced what it would be like working in the world of finance.  They had to work as a team to open a 'new' business and had to budget and present their ideas to actual employees of the company.

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Here's what the children had to say about their day:


"I loved working in a team for the whole day."


"Talking to the people who work there has shown me I could work here too."


"I didn't know you could make a business like we did today.  I want to have a shop when I'm older."